We love what we do and it shows. Our designs are created after good communication and clear planning. We are here to make it look simple.

Micky and Betty are the husband and wife creative design team behind Pixelated. With Betty's background in fine art and photography and Micky's passion for design and technology, they blended their unique talents and over 20yrs experience to provide you with insightful, considered and creative solutions for all your design needs.

Micky Kelleher

Micky’s creative juices began to flow when he started designing handmade posters as a young lad for local bands in Cork. He then began a career in digital design and development starting off in Aardvark then moving onto Ireland.com then owned by The Irish Times. This led him to working as the art director for Mindswide for five years until he set up Pixelated in 2007. Apart from being a proficient web-designer and developer, Micky also has a passion for video, photography and a love of typography.

Joanne 'Betty'' Conlon

Art was always Betty's passion which led her study fine art printmaking in Limerick School of Art & Design. She then proceeded to travel, join a circus and generally have a lot of fun while working in restaurants and retail for a few years. Wanting to get creative again but also earn a living, she studied digital technologies and commenced her career. For the last 20 years, she has worked part-time for Mazars in Ireland as their graphic designer, social media expert and general creative person in the land of accountants and consultants. She's also is a keen photographer, and her work has exhibited in the RHA, RUA, Format Photography Festival and published in Winter papers 3 and Square Magazine.

Find out more at Joanneconlon.com


Services we provide

We design and create beautiful bespoke websites, videos, presentations, graphic design, including infographics.

Being a small studio, we work closely with our clients. At Pixelated, we listen and ask the relevant questions to get a clear understanding of our clients' needs. We help plan, design, build and bring their ideas and projects to life. We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions, based on considered realistic recommendations.

By dealing with experienced designers, communicating and working with us is made easy. We're flexible and can adapt when your needs change. We also offer excellent value for money.


Pixelated has over 25 years' experience in web design and development. Whether you need an e-commerce or straightforward brochure site, we can advance your potential and bring your vision to life.

We focus on creating websites that look impressive and function beautifully.


We script, shoot and render short promotional films to highlight your unique products and services. Video has shown to be a great promotional tool to showcase your work on websites, social media, product launches and video streaming services.


Pixelated provide professional and creative design services for both digital and print mediums. From all your graphic design needs to presentations and infographics.