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Alan Ardiff

Alan Ardiff is an Irish jewellery designer who works with a combination of gold and silver with a number of the jewellery pieces incorporating kinetic parts.

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Alan approached us looking for a website with a custom shopping cart. He needed to simplify his site and put his work front and centre. We used Craft CMS and Craft Commerce as it allowed us to customise the checkout flow easily and gives the client a lot of flexibility when adding products without a huge administrative overhead.

We spent a lot of time optimising the site for speed, SEO and simplifying the checkout process.

We chose Pixelated because we knew that in a world where you need to stand out, Pixelated would deliver! In this respect Micky enjoys a challenge, he meticulously explores a range of approaches, looking for one that will best reflect the ethos of the product and thereby securing maximum results for the company. The process is highly collaborative and can even be fun, with full back-up support to ensure the best consistent customer interface possible.

Alan Ardiff